Fortressa provides you with great open-source tools. But how can those tools help you? Here you can find some use cases that may resonate with your needs.

And it’s not just about how a single tool can help you… The real power comes when combining multiple applications together.

Following are some combinations that can really be useful.

Create a web site and measure visitor traffic

Build a web site in minutes using Ghost and measure its traffic via Shynet, an alternative to Google Analytics.

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Monitor the status of your site

If your web site goes down, would you even know? With Uptime Kuma, an alternative to tools like PagerDuty, you can monitor multiple sites and have peace-of-mind that everything is all right.

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Create powerful automations for customer relationship management (CRM)

You can build your own custom CRM for keeping track of prospects and customers by using NocoDB, an Airtable alternative, in combination with Node-RED, which is equivalent to Zapier.

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