Create a web site with analytics

By using Ghost and Shynet

Whether it’s a personal web site, a blog, or your company’s web site, having a space on the Internet dedicated only to you is a basic and very common need.


There are very similar content management systems, like WordPress or Drupal, that have been used to create web sites for years.

Among all the options for creating a web site, Ghost stands out because of its simplicity and the ability to send email updates to subscribers in the form of newsletters. One could easily create an entire media company using Ghost.


After creating a web site, one of the first things you want is to know how many people are visiting it. For years, Google Analytics has been used to track visits and page views, but recently it has come under increasing scrutiny. For example, it is now illegal to use Google Analytics in some countries because data privacy is not treated properly and correctly, putting you at legal compliance risk if you use Google Analytics.

Shynet is an excellent open-source alternative that cares about data privacy. The combination of Ghost and Shynet allows you to create a nice-looking web site and know how many visitors are coming and which pages are the most popular.

With just a few taps, Fortressa allows you to install both of these tools. Usually you would have to create accounts at multiple service providers in order to get this combination, but with Fortressa you can get this combination and many others — all from the same place.

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