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Liberate your data by replacing expensive SaaS with tap-to-install open-source applications. Instead of corporate data silos with high switching costs and vendor lock-in, use curated open-source tools that offer you complete control over your data and privacy.

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What do you get when you self-host open-source applications via Fortressa?

Unparalleled ROI

Software-as-a-service is often charged on a per-seat basis, so even small 50-person companies can easily spend thousands each month on just a handful of SaaS products. Fortressa provides open-source alternatives for a tiny fraction of the cost, yielding unparalleled return on investment without having to worry about costs skyrocketing as you grow.

No Vendor Lock-In

Proprietary SaaS has a vested interest in making it difficult for you to take your business elsewhere. They do this by restricting access to the data you have put into their products — data that is rightfully yours and yet is locked away out-of-reach. Fortressa takes the exact opposite approach: all of your data is fully available to you from day one — without even having to ask for it.

You Own Your Data

Many companies have problematic business models that mine your personal data and sell it to the highest bidder. Fortressa considers privacy to be its most important core value, so neither we nor any other third-party company or platform can spy on the data associated with your open-source applications.


When you think about the apps and SaaS products you use, do you ever wish you could change how they work? Add a feature you really need? While that isn’t possible with most proprietary products, open source provides you with the freedom to customize how your software works, making it work for you — not the other way around.

Which applications do we provide?

Web site analytics

Newsletter / mailing list campaign manager

Feedback & feature-request tracking tools

Uptime monitoring, with status page builder

Password manager for teams, including shared vaults

Workflow automation platform

File and folder synchronization

No-code database / web-based spreadsheets

Blogging platforms

Organization and productivity

Social networking via the Fediverse

... and soon many more

If you are looking for a specific application, tap the button below to see a list of all the projects currently available.

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Fortressa provides many tools at your disposal. But how can those tools help you? We wanted to provide you with some solutions and patterns to get the most out of Fortressa.

Create a web site and measure traffic to your site

Build a web site in minutes using Ghost and measure its traffic via Shynet, an alternative to Google Analytics.

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Monitor the status of your site

If your web site goes down, would you even know? With Uptime Kuma, an alternative to tools like PagerDuty, you can monitor multiple sites and have peace-of-mind that everything is all right.

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Create powerful automations for customer relationship management (CRM)

You can build your own custom CRM for keeping track of prospects and customers by using NocoDB, an Airtable alternative, in combination with Node-RED, which is equivalent to Zapier.

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The per-user pricing model used by many software companies can get expensive… fast. We believe all members of your team should have the best tools, so Fortressa doesn’t use per-user pricing. Think about how many members your organization might have someday, and then use the slider below to see what equivalent SaaS products would cost you.

Total Cost of Equivalent SaaS Products

1 100


per month

per year

Calculation is based on total cost of equivalent SaaS products.

What is the pricing for Fortressa?

We are still sorting out those details, but rest assured the cost will be much less than the cost of alternative SaaS products calculated above.

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