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What is Fortressa?

The app store for open source

Tue 14 June 2022

Fortressa is the app store for open source.

Put another way, Fortressa is the answer to two important questions:

  1. Can we thwart vendor lock-in and corporate surveillance, reclaiming our privacy by regaining control of our own data?
  2. Instead of buying expensive per-seat SaaS subscriptions from dozens of different vendors, what if we could get open-source equivalents from a single place at a fraction of the cost?

Fortressa is a platform that installs and configures open-source applications on your behalf. Use those applications for your business, your club/organization, your family… any place where the increased privacy and lower cost is valuable to you.

That’s why we think of Fortressa as the app store for open source.

Imagine browsing a list of open-source applications, choosing the ones that you need, and having them installed and configured just for you, in an environment that is entirely your own. Any data you enter into these applications is under your full control and only accessible to those who you want to share it with.


What kinds of applications are available? Chances are good that if you can imagine it, there is an open-source project that does it. In the beginning, we will offer a handful of apps but then continue to add the most-requested ones at a rapid pace. Examples of applications on our wish-list include:

  • office productivity suite (collaborative word processing, spreadsheet, etc.)
  • newsletter / mailing list campaign manager
  • feedback & feature-request tracking tools
  • web site analytics
  • password manager for teams, including shared vaults
  • uptime monitoring, with status page builder

These are just a few of the applications that will be available in the months to come. Reach out and let us know what others you are excited about!

Your Data, Your System

Fortressa provisions servers specifically for you and your team. The operating system, applications, and your data are all sandboxed and completely separated from everyone else, ensuring that your data and systems remain yours, and yours alone. Privacy and security aren’t just talking points for us — they were built into the system design from the very beginning. That’s how important your privacy and security are to us.

Building Fortressa with Fortressa

We build Fortressa using the same open-source projects that you will find in the list of available applications. Whenever we need a new tool, we find the appropriate open-source project, add support for it to our product, and then use that project to continue building Fortressa. We even contribute back to these projects when we find aspects we can improve, whether that be new features, bug fixes, or documentation enhancements.

In the end, we could never recommend tools that we don’t use ourselves. That’s why every day we use Fortressa to build Fortressa.

Get Early Access

Fortressa is currently in private beta, and we regularly invite new users to join and provide feedback. Sound interesting to you? The sooner you let us know, the sooner you’ll get in. So don’t wait!

To access the app store for open-source

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